Tuesday, May 12, 2009


String Fever is a collaborative, transcontinental photo blog.

How it started.

In May of 2009, Bonnie approached Shelley about working on an online photo project together. Not having a clue what she was getting into, but feeling sure that it would be awesome, Shelley agreed and thus began String Fever. In the spirit of collaboration, String Fever is now a thriving international collective of two.

Why 'String Fever'?
The name is about making choices, which is a perpetual challenge to our Selves. In our conversations with each other, we often reference the sensation of holding dozens of different strings that all lead to different possibilities in life and feeling paralyzed by the inability to let go of any of them. String Fever is in honor and recognition of choosing, moving forward, and most of all, letting go.

What it's about.

Approximately once a week, one of us posts a "theme of the week," and the following week, the other posts a diptych -- of one of Bonnie's photos alongside one of Shelley's -- which is inspired by the theme.

Throughout the week, we also both post some of our favorite pictures that we've taken.

Sometimes we have personal reflections about crucial, timely topics ranging from world politics to gummy bears. But mostly we just take photos.

We also welcome the participation of our friends and other photographers to join in our dialogue about photography, representation, imagery, life, and everything in between.

About the bloggers.
bonnie | currently living learning reading breakfasting working therapizing cooking loving biking writing photographing and talking about her feelings in Berkeley, CA.

shelley | currently singing; spending too much time taking pictures at the beach; and obsessing over postsecret.com, snail mail, references to the End Times, futureme.org, the color red, and the sources of putrid smells in Mumbai, India. Mostly shooting with (La Femme) Nikita, her Nikon D40X and sometimes a Lomo Fisheye, or one of these, and hopefully soon one of these.

How to get involved.

• Check the site every Sunday for the diptych and the new theme!
• Post comments and link to your own photos
• "Follow" our blog, subscribe to our feed, sign up for email updates
• Share with your friends
• Send us love and e-mails.

rock on,
bonnie & shelley
a.k.a. the string fever collective

an embarrassing photo. it was Inauguration night 2009 in Washington, DC. we were understandably on our way towards getting plastered.