Tuesday, August 25, 2009

i am not trying to start a food blog, but

Lately I've been obsessed with tomatoes like Shelley's been obsessed with Juhu Beach. This is amazing only because I used to feel about raw tomato the way someone might feel about, say, raw bacon- like maaaaybe I'd eat it if it were mixed in with a whole bunch of other stuff and slathered in Ranch dressing and you could guarantee to me that I wouldn't die afterward, but really now, why not cook it first? Then I discovered that good tomatoes actually taste good. So in loving tribute, I made some pasta with raw tomato last night (out of this cookbook).

It was pretty bomb. And now I swear I'll stop being one of those people who make food and then take photos of their food. Unless I make something like this, in which case I will be taking LOTS of photos of my food.

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  1. a few weeks ago, a friend asked me how I was liking the food and if I was missing anything in particular. I told him i wasn't missing anything at all, but your picture so gorgeous, it's reminding me...of something I didn't even realize I'd forgotten.