Saturday, August 22, 2009

sand sand

I went to Juhu (again) and took lots of pics (again). I can't' help myself! But I promise that I will try and diversify soon. In the meantime, what I noticed today is all the intricate designs that the sand makes. I hung out, nose inches from the sand, bent over in curiosity, for at least half an hour walking all over the beach looking at the sand and trying to figure out what they reminded me of. The designs look so organic, so spontaneous and at the same time like they have been carefully formed, and intricately designed. How??

The first one: Is it a patch of trees on the edge of a lake and their reflection? The "branches" look so much like roots, too. Or veins. Or capillaries. Or an aerial view of a delta with little river estuaries spreading out into the sea. Or like snowflake designs. And probably so many other perfectly designed things on this green earth of God's.

The second one: Another aerial view but of the Rocky Mountains? Is there a valley in there somewhere? There's water running over some of the sand in the frame and the slowed shutter speed makes that area look like muscle tissue. And probably a whole bunch of other things. I was fascinated like whoa.

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