Tuesday, September 8, 2009

fab india

I went to Fab India today. It's a trendy store that reminds me of Pier 1 except 1) they carry clothes as well as home furnishings and 2) the goods aren't imported. They're actually made in India and sold in India. They sell lots of bright linens that look so pretty all neatly folded on the shelves.

Going back to my argument about "wannabe-ism," I feel that this is an example of reclaiming traditional Indian style. It's obviously catering to a certain elite class because the prices are sometimes exorbitant, but that's sort of the point. They have brilliantly marketed cottons and "ethnic" prints to be chic and trendy. Instead of selling the idea of Italy to Indians, this sits much better with me. That is, assuming that selling an idea or image is necessary at all...but that's a whole other debate.

Knowing that if anyone saw me taking pics, they would probably escort me to the door (they are very strict about that kind of thing in this country; I get scolded all the time for taking pics in public), I snuck a couple of pics while standing behind a curtain.


  1. Nice undercover shots of Fab India! Now I'm missing India!!

  2. I actually LOVE Fab India. Not so much the clothing but more the home stuff.