Thursday, September 10, 2009

razón collective - holy moly

Hi friends,
This is mostly a space for bonnie and me to share our collaborations and we also would love for our friends (and wider photography community) to interact, post their comments and link to their own projects so we can learn from each other. "Cool photography web sites I ran across" technically doesn't fit in our mission, but I was so moved by this site that was posted on a list I'm on, that I couldn't help but share it.

The site is The Razón Collective and it's a group of five photojournalists who are
"visual storytellers pursuing stories independently, but sharing, inspiring, and motivating each other to seek and convey truths and reasons behind every story to be told."
I'm a sucker for South Asia, so I started with Jared Moossy's photography because his are images from Afghanistan. beautiful. poignant. harsh. vivid. horrific. breathtaking.

I was moved by so many photos throughout the whole site that I couldn't possibly link them all here, but I'd highly recommend you check them out when you're not rushed and you have a few minutes to reflect on the human condition (pain and joy alike) through images.

You can join them on Facebook, too.

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